This are my thoughts on the genX or millenials born between 1980-2000 during the baby boom period. Facing all kind of modern era problems and also having the potential to fight hard. Hello Millenials,  The proud millenials we are the youngest generation on the planet trying to keep pace with the ever changing world, trying … More Millenials

Eulogy of 2017

As 2017 is coming to an end I tried to write a eulogy for this year. This year was full of bitter sour experiences and more learning. The biggest thing this year taught me is to accept whatever comes in your way and move along with it. So carry forwarding with better hopes for 2018 I bid farewell to 2017 ❤ thank you 2017  … More Eulogy of 2017

To all of us..

Youth offers the promise of happiness, but life offers the realities of grief.– Nicholas sparks (the rescue) Hello all (who are gonna read this), So, guys this one is for all of us, this implies to all of us and this is what I think about all of us. We are often said that we … More To all of us..

Who are you..?

O brother, tell me who are you.. On what path are you upon.. On what journey you are on ?? Who are you just tell me that.. Don’t know behind what you are running.. Every morning you embark upon new battles hustling, struggling and fighting all odds.. Do you even know the purpose of your … More Who are you..?

It’s been long..

It has been long that it feels like it never happened to me never ever, it has been long that i’ve seen that beautiful face and those shiny eyes that it feels like it was a fairytale dream which will never be a reality. It’s been long that I’ve heard that chirpy voice which used … More It’s been long..

Good Old days

Oh dear good old days..             I know good and old both seems to be the synonym to each other nowadays.. so good + old is always a gold days.. I know you when you did let me sleep for hours so that my mom could do her chores in … More Good Old days

Plot twist.

I am where I was not supposed to I am doing what I was not supposed to do I am writing what I am not supposed to write.. But believe me it is all co-incidental.. or say disguisal It is a PLOT TWIST… So the plot twist is I assumed that life is supposed to … More Plot twist.